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We all have goals we want to achieve. Lose more weight, earn more money,or maybe just to feel more at peace with everything around us.

Setting goals is the first, crucial,step. It’s also the easiest step. Acheiving them is a whole other ball game.

On our journey to achieve our goals, we face many challenges which could derail us. Rather then facing our challenges blindly, we should equip ourselves with techniques, tips and tricks used by the professionals in the game of goal achieving.

Having an eagle eye’s vision, with deep details of the big picture is a very important ingredient in achieving the right goals.

In this article i would like to share my 3 step visualisation technique, which is a great way to start the day.

Step 1: Be crystal clear with your goals

If you do not know where you want to end up, you can’t imagine it.

Be as clear and specific as humanly possible, about where you want to end up, or u may get lost.

For example:

If you want to flaunt a perfect beach body, know the kind of swim wear you will be wearing with it.

If you want to drive through the city in your dream car, know the colour of your car and how detailed the interior of the car will be.

All right, these may be exampls of some pretty superficial goals in life, but we all have them don’t we.

The point is to be as specific and clear with your goals as you can.

So clear that when you talk to somebody else about your goals, a 4k UHD image is painted in their minds.

Step 2: Get in the zone!!!

Once you are crystal clear about where you want to be. Think about the steps it takes to get there. The work you will need to put in.

Run through the process of getting to your goals.

Visualise the actions required to reach your goal.

Focus on completing each of the steps you need to achieve your goal.

You can try this, the next time you hit the gym.

Before actually attempting the exercise, visualise it. Feel your muscles going through the movements, maintaining a deep focus.

You will notice a substantial difference in performance when you are actually performing the exercise.

This can be used for a bunch of other stuff…preparing to give a speech, preparing for an interview or just preparing for the day.

Step 3: Feel the victory

Feel like a champion.

Imagine yourself achieving your goals.

Embrace the sensations and emotions, when its all said and done, and you are basking in victory.

This will give you a deeper connection with your goals.

When you actually know and understand what it will feel like to achieve something, you work alot harder for it.

Humans have been known as seekers for instant gratification. If victory is not NOW, victory is alot less likely.

When we feel the victory, although its not the real thing itself, we get a whiff of it. Feels gratifying at that very moment, while making us hunger for more.

A great addition to your morning routine…

This 3 step visualisation technique is a great way to start the day. Use it in the morning.

1) Be clear of your goals for the day.

2)Visualise the processes that has to be done for the day.

3)Visualise the end of that successfull day.


Visualisation is not a magical wizard’s spell, that will move mountains.

It is a very helpful supplemental tool in preparing ourselves for whats ahead while staying focused and motivated when we experience obstacles or setbacks.


Purposeful Goals: 3 Self-Discovering Questions To Set Them.

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We love setting and achieving goals. It is in our nature to seek something bigger and achieve them.

However, when we are achieving goals that are not true to our purpose, it can feel empty after the initial euphoria pass.

To live a truly fulfilling life, we need to aim for truly purposeful goals.

Spend some time soul searching to figure out what truly matters to you as an individual.

These 3 self-discovering questions is a good way to start setting goals that you believe in with your heart and soul. Goals with a purpose.

Once you have set your purposeful goals, you have found your north star (a star used as a reference point for navigation…in case you didnt know).


Question 1: If money is not an issue, what would you be doing right now?


This question makes or breaks your purposeful goal.

The answer not only decides if you will set purposeful goals, it will also determine if you are going to live a fulfilled life.

Spend some time to go deep with this question.

It will stir up emotions, but stick with the question and do not be afraid to face the emotions it brings up.

We often spend time and effort accomplishing things that we feel will impress others. Such as:

  1. Getting that beautiful luxury car that costs a bomb.
  2. Buying a super small condo that also cost a bomb.
  3. Spending time and energy learning a skill to impress others.

I am not saying spending money on cars, condos and cloths is wrong. Its only wrong if we are doing it to please or impress others.

If impressing and pleasing others is what matters the most to you, then by all means go ahead.

Be sure that you find out what truly matters to YOU.

In life there could be more than one thing that is very important to us.

The two step process to find out what is the most important to you


Step 1: Categories

For me personally, i like to split the important stuff in life into catergories.

  1. Relationships with loved ones.
  2. Career
  3. Self-development.

Step 2: Key Questions

For each of this category, i decide what matters the most to me by asking these two questions:

1) When do i feel the most engaged ?

My whole self is submerged in the activity that i am doing. Is it when i am spending time with family, or solving a problem at work?

2)Which value is important to you?

Be it security, happiness, freedom, if there is only one value i look for in each catergory which would it be?

Question 2: What is the one thing that you could be doing, that you are not doing now, that will make a tremendous positive difference in your life?

This question is taken from the book ‘ 7 habits of an highly effective people’.

Our daily or weekly goals should be set around this one thing that we could be doing to bring a tremendous improvement.

There are 2 reasons that we are currently not already doing that one thing that would make a tremendous improvement to our life.

  1. A lack of time
  2. A lack of self-discipline.

A lack of time

This requires some prioritizing. You need to know what would not bring about an improvement to our life and you need to say NO to that.

A lack of self-discipline

This requires routines that would put yourself in a position to include the activity in your life.

For example, if quitting drinking or cigarettes would make a tremendous positive difference in your life, you need to figure out the root causes for your habits and create a routine that is appropriate.

Question 3: Where i want to be in (insert specific timeline)?

This is where the goal is set in stone.

Every goal needs 2 specific elements.

  1. A specific achievement that you are aiming for.
  2. A specific time frame to attain these achievements.

Be specific with what you what to achieve.

Being specific lets you know exactly where you want and need to be. With that clear vision, you can look for clear steps and actions to take.

One way to ensure you are specific is thru visualization. Imagine, you are already in the future being where you aimed to be. Feel the emotions run thru you as you experience your success.

When you understand the emotions you will feel with your success, the understanding of where you want to be will be engraved in your soul.

You cannot get more specific than that…

An example with Deimos

I would like to use Deimos athletics as an example to show how these 3 questions helped us set purpoefull goals.

The three of us got a nice place and we asked ourselves the very 3 questions i wrote above

1) What truly matters to Deimos?


To deimos, our key to growth and success would be a positive brand presence amongst an engaged audience. So what truly matters to us is an engaged audience.

2) Where we want to be in 1,5 or 10 years.?


In 5 years we want to be the leading voice our audience looks to for valuable information on optimizing their life and lifestyles.

3) What is the one thing that you could be doing, that you are not doing now, that will make a tremendous positive difference in your life?


The one thing we at Deimos was not doing to reach our goal, was creating valuable content such as this article for our audience.

So once we have realized this, we created Deimos concept.

And our focus has shifted to creating and distributing content that brings value to our audience’s lives.

Our daily goals and to-do lists have this focus right on top.

So go ahead, use these 3 questions and set your purposeful goals. Once the goals are set, the fog clears, making that next step all the more easier.


5 Actionable Steps To Achieve Consistency And Success Today

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
– Aristotle

We have all heard this quote countless times. It does not get any less true each time we come across it.

If excellence is your goal, then consistency is the closest thing to a magic pill to attain excellence.

To be consistent, we need to build structure amongst the chaos, that is life. Here are 5 steps to build a robust structure, keeping you consistent in the habits you build.

1. Have the end in mind.

Having a goal builds the foundation of this structure. It gives us a clear vision of where we want to end up. Take some time to draft out a clear specific goal.

State specifically what you would like to achieve in a given time frame.

Our minds can be chaotic. Random thoughts and ideas can flood our attention at any given time. Having a clear goal allows us to focus back to what matters most to us.

With a good solid foundation of a clear goal, we can build the rest of the structure by identifying the actions we need to take to reach our goal.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Have a specific goal and a timeline to achieve your goal

2. Believing in your Why’s.

This step works hand in hand with the first step.

Understanding the reason why you would like to achieve your goal is important. But what’s more important, is having the universe believe in your reasoning.

Without a deep emotional reason that you truly identify with, you’ll likely never do what truly matters to you.

Know your true self, without judgement. Questions are a good way to get to know yourself.


  1. If you could do anything you want with a chance of failure, what would it be and why?
  2. Why do you care so much about the things you currently do? Be it career, relationship, etc
  3. Does what you’re doing actually matter? And to who?

If you can’t put your heart into it, then get yourself out of it.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Find out what truly matters to you? Be it financial freedom, love for photography, etc

3. Make a detailed plan/routine

When you design a plan or a routine, you are basically travelling thru time, and making decisions for your future self.

From the book, ‘Flow’, by mihaly csikszentmihalyi, the author states that all living things live life by performing tasks that can be grouped in to 3 categories.

  1. Work: What we do to put food on the table, and shelter over our heads.
  2. Leisure: What we do for fun, like watching netflix or going to the zoo.
  3. Maintenance: What we do to take care of ourselves, like grooming and eating.


Why am i bringing this up? We live our days in repeated patterns, whether we like it or not.
The minute details of what we do may vary, day to day. But we basically live in patterns of work, leisure and maintenance.

By having a deeper understanding of how we spend our time, we will be able to design plans and routines, that can work with, or around the patterns that occur daily.Making better, more informed decisions for our future selves.

No more reasons to miss a workout, or have a cheat meal on a non-cheat day.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Design a routine for the week and stick to it


4. Take action

By now your structure for consistency is starting to take shape. But it’s gonna look like an abandoned construction site, if the next and probably most important step is not taken.

With your goals and your routines, you have a clear picture of the steps required to be taken to achieve excellence. Now all you gotta do is take action.
Sounds simple right? Well not really….

This is where most dreams fail. Some dreams don’t even get to see the light of day because no action was taken.

1.) Start Small.

There is always the smallest of actions that can be taken that will get you closer to your goal. For example, if your body is still sore on workout day, opt for some active recovery exercises like a slow jog.

2.) Ride the Momentum.

Action begets more action. Doing something small gets the ball rolling.


The Navy SEALS, one of the world’s most elite forces make their bed first thing in the morning. It is a great productivity tool as it gives you a sense of accomplishment…a small win.

You begin to crave for more wins, going on to accomplish more during the day.

Every little action you take gets you closer and closer to your goals. None of this advice matters if you don’t get out and actually do something with the information and the tools you’ve attained.

KEY TAKEAWAY: What actions are you taking to work towards your goals?

5.Learn consistently

Become obsessed with learning everything you can find – new skills, approaches, ideas.

Along your journey to your goals, you will face many challenges.There may be days when your performance is not where you want it to be. This is where the real education happens.

Reflect on those days, analyse and understand what went wrong. Try new ideas and approaches to adapt to and overcome the challenges you face.
Repeat until you have found a sweet spot.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Every obstacle or setback is a chance for you to learn about yourself and your strategy

Doing the right, effective work consistently, is a guaranteed path to success.

To achieve success is not going to be as easy as it sounds. But if we truly desired, to be better today than we were yesterday, the journey to success will become a more enjoyable one.

Functional Fitness: The Key To Fitness & 3 Ways To Achieve It

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What is functional fitness?

Functional fitness refers to exercises that improve daily activity.

It’s about training for life, not events. It’s important that we shift our focus from training for events to training for performance and function, making daily activities easier.

With this goal in mind, we’ll stay fit year-round.

These are 3 ways to make your workout more functional


1.) Work The Larger Muscle Groups.


How many times have we seen guys at the gym, ripping out reps after reps of bicep curls? Don’t get me wrong, it’s always nice to keep your guns locked and loaded.

But in real life, you can’t lift a sofa with just your biceps. You will need to bring in heavier artillery, like your quads and hamstrings, for such a task.

Compound movements, are exercises that incorporate large muscle groups.Movements such as the squat, deadlift and snatch are great examples.

By using compound movements, not only is your workout more efficient, you will also be training the different muscles in your body to work together to move a load, hence more functionality.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Incorporate more compound movements like squats and deadlifts into your workout

2.) Ditch Stability…To Build Those Stabilizers.


Stabilizer muscles are key to good posture, preventing injuries and helping us move efficiently.

To get stronger stabilizer muscles we need to train in an unstable environment.

It’s time to ditch stability, and move on to something more exciting. Unconventional training equipment.

Conventional training equipment like the barbell and dumbbell have a very stable center of gravity. Therefore, we are able to move the weight around from a stable base, easily predicting the line of motion the weight will take.

When we start using unconventional training tools, like the macebell, clubbell or kettlebell, we are working with an extremely disproportionate weight displacement.

Movements prove quite challenging and beneficial to the stabilizer muscles surrounding our joints, hence, once again, improving functionality.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Use unconventional fitness equipment like macebells, clubbells of kettlebells to build your stabilizer muscles


3.) Increase Your Range Of Motion.


Try employing a wider, more natural range of motion. Select exercises that use movements that mimic everyday tasks.

For example, swap out your seated military press with a standing one. Try recalling the last time you had to lift a heavy load over your head, while remaining seated.

To make things more interesting, try performing more complex movements. Chain simple exercises together to create a more complex exercise.

Combine a front squat, with an overhead press, or a push-up with a burpee. By performing more complex movements, your body will get used to making a wider range of motion, preparing yourself for the stresses of the real world.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Design your workouts in terms of movements, rather than “exercises”

There is a much deeper understanding into functional fitness, but these 3 tips are a good way to start out.

In fact, these tips are so actionable, you could try some of these techniques in your next workout.

With a functionally fit body, aesthetics will not be your only prize. Flexibility, durability, mobility and strength are other attractive attributes that simply oozes out of a functional body.

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5 benefits of kettlebell training.

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The kettlebell. Probably not the first time you are hearing that word. Its benefits in functional training is unparallel.

Below are 5 reasons why you should train with a kettlebell as soon as possible.

Benefit 1: The kettlebell is a versatile training tool.

Depending on how you design your workout, and the weight of the kettlebell you use, there are many methods of training you can dive into. Some examples of the kinds of training are:

  • High intensity interval training. (HIIT)Gets your heart rate up as well as any other method. Design your workout, with work and rest intervals. Perform your sets for time rather than repetitions.
  • Strength trainingUse a heavy kettlebell, performing low reps for total body strength
  • Mobility trainingUse a light kettlebell while performing high reps of swings and rotation exercises. Focusing on flexibility and coordination.

Benefit 2: The kettlebell is an efficient training tool.

Wondering if today should be cardio or weights day? The kettlebell helps solve that dilemma.

Studies have shown that a 20 minute, high intensity kettlebell workout, burns as much calories as a 20 minutes high intensity cardio workout.

But a 20 minutes’ kettlebell workout, works out your muscles in a way a cardio workout could never.

You will be getting the benefits of resistance training and cardio training from one workout.

Kettlebells make you work; work hard and work towards efficiency, helping you get the most out of each workout.


Benefit 3: The Kettlebell helps you build a better performing body.

Unlike dumb bells and bar bells, the kettlebell is built differently.The center of gravity of the kettlebell is not at its handles, giving it a disproportionate weight displacement.

This means that you need to bring a lot of muscles into play to control and balance the weight.By doing so, your body is forced to work together.Big muscle groups like your hamstrings and back will work together with smaller muscles like your stabilizers.

This will improve your:

  • Posture.
  • Flexibility.
  • Strength on your joints and tendons.
  • Resistance to injuries.

Benefit 4: Sports specific training is easy with the kettlebell.

If you are looking for a training method to supplement a sport, then the kettlebell is what you are looking for.

As mentioned earlier, the kettlebell forces your body to work together to move the weight in a controlled manner.

There are many kettlebell movements, which requires a large range of motion to complete. This helps to mimic the many movements that are made in all kinds of sports.

For example:

  • A BJJ practitioner can benefit from movements that require hip and core power like the turkish get-up,and the kettlebell swing.
  • A golfer can benefit from rotational power which can be attained from the windmill, swings, and Russian twists.
  • A tennis player can benefit from a strong shoulder, core, and elbow joints which can easily be improved by kettlebell snatches, presses and you guessed it, swings.

Benefit 5: The kettlebell is convenient.

Having a bench and a power rack at home can take up a lot of space. It can also mess up the design plans of your home.

The kettlebell can be easily stored at home, out of sight from visitors.

Anywhere can be your gym with the kettlebell. If you are looking for a change of environment for your workouts, you can easily bring your kettlebell down to the beach or park and rip out a workout there.

Kettlebell workouts are also generally short. The kettlebell forces you to work hard. A typical, good kettlebell workout takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Incorporate at least one kettlebell exercise into your workout routine straight away. If you had to pick just one, do the kettlebell swing.

The Field

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Magna Quis

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Big Buck Bunny

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Ownage In The Mountains

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Velit Porttito

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