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Fitness, Diet, Recommendation

The most common inquiry we have is regarding weight recommendation. Simply tell us what your goals are, your past fitness experiences and estimated budget. We will recommend to you a fitness strategy, and the perfect recommended equipment to help you achieve those goals.

Bulk Orders Inquiries

Orders above $2,000 qualify for a range of bulk order discounts, depending on the item, as well as the quantity and stock of the desired range of products. Our clients range from boutique gyms, condominiums, school institutions as well as national sports teams.

Returns/Refund Request

If there was a problem with the item you purchased from us, or feel dissatisfied with our service or product, please contact us IMMEDIATELY and we will do everything we can to address the discrepancy.


Personal Trainers/E-commerce Listing/Consignment Agreements

If you are a personal trainer, and wish to partner with us, please drop us a message to say hello! We offer great commission packages for many athletes turned trainers in Singapore. We are also open to any sort of collaborative agreements, just leave us a note and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Parting notes..

As you can tell, we’re a bunch of laid back guys looking to bring you the best and most effective fitness equipment and apparels that produce the best results in terms of performance and real world fitness and functionality.

If you share our values, please feel free to contact us and hopefully we can do something great together. If not, at the very least, we promise to crack a really funny one liner knock knock joke.


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