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For Beginners & To Gain a Basic Understanding of Kettlebells. Allows 3 to 5 exercises.

For the ladies who are just starting out. While it does not offer the wide variety of routines from toning to fat burning, it can provide a good foundation for losing weight. For serious weight loss/transformation, we highly recommend getting a set.

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For serious weight loss, toning & fat burning only. 

A complete set of kettlebells will offer maximum versatility in your workout routines, from full body weight loss workouts to isolated body part toning workouts. You will find all the necessary tools needed to achieve a sexier, healthier and more confident you with a set of kettlebells.

It will also allow you to set goals and move up the weights progressively as you achieve your fitness goals .

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Buy in Pairs

For symmetrical beauty or to share with a friend.

Beauty is about symmetry. To achieve perfect symmetry in your body, it is best to workout in pairs. Not to mention the additional time saved from working out with pairs.

A pair is also a great way for you and a friend to save money and lose weight together!

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