Deimos Strength Program



Introducing the Deimos Strength Program.


So what is the Deimos Strength Programe.

We had the aim of creating a perfect offering for beginners of the kettlebell.

We wanted the experience of picking up and learning to use the kettlebell to be as beneficial and enriching as possible.

To do that, we did some research, did some reflections, and asked some questions to fellow kettlebell practitioners.

Actually just two questions.

We picked the answers that was given by the majority.

We gave a solution that we believe gives the most value for you.

Question 1:
What was your biggest challenge when starting out with the kettlebell?

 Answer 1: No idea on how to perform the exercises with the proper technique.

Deimos solution:
We have teamed up with a gym called Strength Avenue.
Strength Avenue has Singapore’s leading kettlebell coach, Andyn Kardir.
Deimos strength program customers have access to his kettlebell class with a 50% discount.
Its a 90 mins class that teaches you the fundamentals of the kettlebell.
Just let us know ur interested in the class and we will arrange it for you.

Answer 2: With the vast number of kettlebell exercises shown on the internet, I have no clue as to which ones should I do?

Deimos solution:
We have designed a 6-week kettlebell program in the form of an E-book.
Only kettlebell exercises that will give you the best bang for your buck is included in this program.
Designed for the beginner, with instructions, tips and a clear plan to improve your total body strength.
You will be emailed the E-Book upon purchase.

Question 2: What stops you from trying a new fitness method or equipment?

Top Answer: Fear of not enjoying the equipment, only to watch it rust away, collecting dust in a dark corner at home.

Deimos solution:
We are so proud to offer this solution. DSP customers can return their kettlebells within 6 weeks of purchase, for a full refund. If you tried the kettlebell and feel its not for you, just drop us an email and we will gladly take it back. With a full refund of course.

How can we be so confident by offering a refund?

We believe that with the right guidance(the fundamental class), and a right plan (the 6-week program e-book), you should enjoy training with the kettlebell and definitely reap its benefits within the first 6 weeks.

So what happens when you fall in love with the kettlebell?

So if you love kettlebell training, and gain strength in the process, there is a trade in available.
DSP customers get to trade in your kettlebell, within 2 months of your purchase to one which is 4kg heavier. Just pay for the difference in price for the new kettlebell plus delivery charges. Drop us an email and we will get the trade in arranged.

Note: 8kg and 12kg is the best weight for beginners to start at.



Yes, We’re that confident.

Should your Deimos Signature Series kettlebell break or fall apart, we’ll replace them for free.




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